For services at William Cotton & Sons Chapel in Feilding, where some relatives and loved ones cannot attend the service,
we offer a webcast service that will broadcast the funeral service to family and friends
who can then share in the memories of the deceased. 

Note: Services will only be broadcast if requested by the authorised next of kin.

When authorised to webcast, an event Id, password and link to William Cotton & Sons Ltd One room page will be emailed
to a designated family member to distribute amongst those approved to watch the service.
The webcast will become live approximately 15 minutes before the funeral start time.
Alternatively you can access the page via the link to One room below which will open a new tab to 
the One room website for you to login and watch the service.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact one of our funeral directors on (06) 323 7062.

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